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PogoRoo, also known as Grant Connor, Jivyra and Kira, (born October 2nd, 1989) is a furry artist whose fursona is a lynx-goat-kangaroo hybrid.


PogoRoo achieved notoriety when a friend posted a journal on Fur Affinity under PogoRoo's account on June 30th, 2008 that he had been killed in a car accident with a drunk driver on June 19th.[1]

This was cast into doubt by a prior journal entry on June 24th on the same account by another friend that he had just been contacted by Pogo to let everyone know that his computer was not working while he moved.[2] An image was also posted by him on his personal website on June 20th, the day after his alleged death.[3]

Due to overwhelming evidence that this was just an elaborate hoax to scam his commissioners out of their money, Fur Affinity admins took steps on July 1, 2008 to ban his accounts. It was confirmed by an administrator who contacted his roommate that PogoRoo was, in fact, alive, and had no intentions of refunding his customers.[4]


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