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Pocari Roo

Pocari Roo is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Brisbane, Australia.[1] Pocari has a wife named Kiba (KibaWolf), who she met by a chance encounter at RivFur when Kiba invited her to stay in her hotel room for the convention.


"Brush your suit!" from her YouTube series The Bottle.

"Break a sweat? Disinfect!!" from her YouTube series Q&A.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pocari was a guest of honour for West Aussie Fur Frenzy 2018.[2]


Her main fursona is a bunny named Dezu, but she records videos on YouTube in fursuit as Pocari, a genderfluid blue Sodaroo, based off the Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat.[1]

Pocari as a suit has had three iterations so far. Pocari 1.0 (2014) and 1.5 (2017) were both made by MoreFurLess, while 2.0 was made by 8Bit-Works in late 2018 And then 3.0 in 2019-2022 as a weekend project by SkyPro.


Pocari runs a YouTube channel which features mainly her in fursuit talking in vlogs and doing other things, including livestreams, opening fan mail, and convention videos. She has over 190,000 subscribers, making her one of the most popular furry YouTubers.


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