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Pnut (born February 10, 1993), also known as spinningpeanut, is a fursuiter and cartoon artist who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.


Pnut, spinningpeanut's main fursona, is a purple maned wolf with a very large, cuddly tail. Pnut's fursuit was created by herself three different times. She appeared as a guest and subservient on The Funday Pawpet Show in August, 2013.

Pnut's other characters are:

  • Honey dik dik, the second character she created.
  • Blacklight, a black nomshark with mostly bright yellow markings, although many other colors are present. Nomsharks are owned and created by felisrandomis.
  • Puff Puff, a Jenday Conure. She was created on the way back from Midwest FurFest 2013.
  • Flo, a fluorescent Gem Dragon. Gem Dragons are owned and created by Banteris.
  • Lazer, a saber-toothed snow leopard with a bright pink mohawk.


Pnut has been all around the USA attending various conventions. She mostly attends Rocky Mountain Fur Con in Denver, Colorado, and has also been seen at Texas Furry Fiesta, Midwest FurFest, and working at various brony conventions as part of a convention security group known as The Lunar Guard.

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