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Plushielove (in full Galliga Chrysalie Plushielove; born December 14th, 1983[1] in upstate New York, U.S.A.) is a furry artist and furry lifestyler.

Plushielove's fursona is a gender-morphic Malagasy Ring-tailed Mongoose. Commonly seen as a feminine hermaphrodite, Plushie's signature tail is easy to spot from a distance, being as long as shi is and ringed with alternating red and black bristly fur.

Plushielove is known for art in many furry groups, including the babyfur and balloonie communities. Plushielove helped to establish the New York Furry Association, centered in Saratoga County, which brought together many separate furry circles in the area.


Plushielove is known to be an avid gamer, having played video games from the youngest age shi could get paws on a joystick. Shi regularly plays on Xbox Live and does journalism and PR for the Xbox Gaming Community in hir free time, but will always be a die-hard Nintendo fan.

Around early 2008, Plushielove moved to Long Beach, California, to join the ranks of the southern California furry community. Shi lives there with hir life mate of five years, Fryll.


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