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Plushielove (in full Galliga Chrysalie Plushielove; born in 1983), is a furry artist and lifestyler who lives in the USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Plushielove is known for her artistic contribution to many furry groups, including the babyfur and balloonie communities. Plushielove helped to establish the New York Furry Association, centered in Saratoga County, which brought together many furries in the area.


Plushielove's fursona is a gender-morphic Malagasy Ring-tailed Mongoose, commonly seen as feminine. Plushie's signature tail is easy to spot from a distance, being as long as she is tall and ringed with alternating red and black bristly fur.


Plushielove is an avid gamer, having played video games from the youngest age she could get paws on a joystick. She regularly plays on Xbox Live and likes to contribute journalistic and Public relations articles for the Xbox gaming community in her free time, even though she is a die-hard Nintendo fan.

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