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"Pluggers: Calm on the face of disaster", the first and only collected works in book format.

Pluggers is a comic strip began by Jeff MacNelly in 1993. Editorial cartoonist Gary Brookins took over in 1997, three years prior to MacNelly's death from lymphoma in 2000.

The strip and viewers input[edit]

The strip gags and ideas works on the principle of relying on reader's set-up submissions (referred to as Pluggerisms) for the premise of each day's comic.


The intended point of this strip, the "Pluggers", are defined as blue-collar workers who live a typical working-class American lifestyle, accompanied by a mentality characteristic of the WWII Veteran and Baby Boomer generations.

In the series, pluggers are portrayed in the form of anthropomorphic animals, most often a plump bears, dogs, chickens, rhinoceros, kangaroo or a cat, among others.

Recurring characters[edit]

All thought not named, a set of characters appears as the typical modern family from time to time in the series: A male bear, his kangaroo wife, their grown (sometimes emo) kangaroo daughter, along with their young male cub bear. A baby (kangaroo?) is often added to the group.

The father graces the cover of the collected strips book.

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