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Plas. Artwork by Kalika Tybera.

Plas, also known as Plas Durock and Plas Tiger, (born September 21st, 1984) is a furry fan who has a Tiger fursona. Plas became involved with furry fandom in mid 2004. He has, however, had his fursona since 2000.

As of May 2009, he lives in Queens, New York City, United States.


Plas has the standard markings of a tiger, with black stripes, ear spots and a ringed tail. The color of his fur, however, is a noticeable pine or grass green color, with the fur on the front of his torso, muzzle, and the insides of his arms and thighs being white. His reflective eyes have an amber coloration.

For clothing, Plas typically only wears a black vest, and sometimes blue jeans, but usually he wears nothing at all.


Plas' biggest interest is videogames. He mostly prefers Nintendo games, with his favorite s being the Kirby series, followed closely by the Metroid and Star Fox games.

His other interests include swimming, spending time with friends, and riding bikes.


Plas has only attended four conventions: FurFright 2006, FurFright 2007, FurFright 2008 and FurFright 2009.

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