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Planetfurry is a web based furry community and forum owned by Whiplash. The server hosts furry related websites used by several users of Planetfurry.

Planetfurry also hosts a part-time radio station named KWKAT, an independent publisher called The Raccoon's Bookshelf, and a second website and forum (which contain adult-orientated material) called Planetfurry Afterdark.

The Forums[edit]

The Planetfurry forums are subdivided into several sections, which are listed below. Some smaller sections may be ommitted.


This is where all of the announcements from the Planetfurry administrators usually go, and include the subsections Forum Rules, System News, and Contests

General Topics[edit]

Everyday blither-blather[edit]

This is where members can catch up on news from both inside and outside of the fandom, socialize, and have a general discussion.


This is where new members will introduce themselves and be greeted by the Planetfurry community, and similarly members who are having to make a temporary or permanent departure may post here and say farewell.

KWKAT - Planetfurry NetRadio Station![edit]

This forum is about the Planetfurry radio station, KWKAT. It sometimes has announcements for both DJs and its audience. Also DJs will frequently post in this forum while they are broadcasting.

Ongoing Threads[edit]

This forum is where a variety of threads are kept, mostly games such as the popular word association game and the Q&A game.

The Planetfurry Gamer's Guild[edit]

This is where games are discussed. Most frequently these will be MMOGs popular by the fandom such as Second Life and Furcadia.


This section is where Planetfurry members who don't have a site hosted at PF but are still writing fiction and/or producing artwork can post their work and hear other member's opinions.

Webcomic Portal[edit]

This is where members talk about (mostly furry) webcomics, and sometimes members will post their own webcomic.

Story Discussions[edit]

A Fox in the Works[edit]

This section hosts talk about the story A Fox in the Works, written by the member Foxeris.

Adventure Kay[edit]

Adventure Kay is an Indiana Jones spoof written by a Planetfurry member who goes by the alias Kayngi aka Dr Kay.

Identity Crisis[edit]

Identity Crisis is a SabrinaVerse fanfiction by Hikaru Katayamma.

Raccoon's Bookshelf[edit]

A discussion forum for The Raccoon's Bookshelf website, and for any stories hosted there that are not otherwise represented by forums in the Story Discussion or Hosted Websites sections.

Sabrina Online the Story[edit]

Sabrina Online: The Story is a fanfiction by Chris Yost based around the world and characters of Eric W. Schwartz's Sabrina Online comic strip series.

Tabitha the Story[edit]

Tabitha is a science fiction spinoff story to Sabrina Online: The Story featuring Tabitha, Sabrina's (now older) little sister.

Furry Arts[edit]

This section contains several forums regarding furry arts in one form or another. These include CG (computer generated) furry art, the "Drawing Corner" for discussions on art and various art styles, the "Music Plaza", where music is discussed, the "Writer's Guild" where members can pick up useful hints for writing fiction, and there is also an "Artist of the Week" forum where artists are nominated to be "Artist of the week" for their artwork.

Hosted Websites[edit]

Planetfurry hosts over 30 websites at the time of writing, and also hosts forums for the users who own these websites. These forums usually are usually mini forums that the users moderate themselves.

A full list of hosted websites is listed below.

External links[edit]

Hosted websites[edit]

This is a list of websites hosted by the Planetfurry server:

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Webhosting offered to the furry community
Open Registration
Restricted Registration
AnthroAsia  · The Jab Archives  · Kemono Server  · Planetfurry
No New Sites
No longer offering hosting
Closed or defunct