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Pippin (born 1974) is a fursuiter, user and server maintainer of Anthrochat, hacker (occasionally verging on serious programming), and system administrator from London, UK. He runs his own small ISP dealing mainly in colocation of servers, volunteers as systems administrator for the ConFuzzled convention, and maintained LT3M's European relay until the station stopped broadcasting.

He discovered furry way back in the late 1990s while at university, but didn't actually get involved in any way beyond sending one or two emails until about 2001 when he plucked up the courage to attend a London furmeet, and has since attended quite a few furry conventions. His usual online self is a highly anthropomorphic bear (of a similar level of anthropomorphism as Rupert Bear) - or sometimes, depending on his whim, a highly zoomorphic bear, or, indeed, a teddy bear, or his fursuit character, Kelsey. He sometimes adds "Bear" to the end of his name, but normally only when it is required to avoid ambiguity, such as when "Pippin" has already been taken as a username -- he considers "Pippin" to be his full name. Unlike many bear characters, Pippin's species is not due to his real-life physical size.

Furry events attended[edit]

Pippin's first convention was Eurofurence 8 in 2002, where he was awed by several fursuiters but did not get to perform in a fursuit himself. In 2003 he attended Pawpet Megaplex 2, appearing in a (at the time, borrowed) Kelsey. By his next convention, Anthrocon 2003, he had bought Kelsey and become a committed fursuiter.

He has since attended Further Confusion 2004, Megaplex 3 and Midwest FurFest 2004 in 2004; Further Confusion 2005, Eurofurence 11 and Midwest FurFest 2005 in 2005; Further Confusion 2006, Anthrocon 2006 and Eurofurence 12 in 2006; Eurofurence 13 in 2007; and Eurofurence 14 in 2008(?). After resigning from his last employment in early 2006 and starting his own business in late 2006, he attended very few conventions for several years, only starting again with ConFuzzled 2010.

Pippin has never attended local furmeets regularly, but has sporadically been seen at LondonFur meets, and occasionally at NorthernFur meets in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield. He also attended the RBW "meet plus" events in 2006 and 2007.

In 2010 he attended ConFuzzled, discovered that he already knew most of the convention staff well, and, a few months later, joined the staff himself as systems administrator. He has been present as a staff member at ConFuzzled 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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