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The Pinky Show is a hand-drawn educational-style online show, presented by several animated cats. Started in 2005,[1] it is produced by Associated Animals Inc., an educational non-profit organization[2]. Topics have included Hawaii’s illegal appropriation by the United States, the dangers to imagination and intelligence posed by public education, the role of world’s fairs in the colonization of the global south, the American occupation of Iraq, a kitty treatise on class, power and agency, creepy children’s toys, new forms of apartheid and illegal immigration.[3]


Clockwise from top right: Bunny, Mimi, Kim, Pinky

The main character is a cat named Pinky. Her friends are Bunny, Kim and Mimi, all cats, living in the desert near Baker, California, each with their own areas of responsibility and interest.[1][4].

Format and purpose[edit]

Each show is presented by one or more of the feline characters in the form of a news report and often includes the presentation of researched and prepared material, or the interviewing of expert guests. The purpose of the show is to "focus on information & ideas that have been misrepresented, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion, and do this in a way that is informal and easy-to-understand."[2] The shows have been used in non-classroom settings such as teach-ins, reading circles, and community workshops.[3]

Online videos[edit]

The show itself is an online video show with short videos, which can be seen on YouTube or the Pinky Show Archives. The YouTube versions have obtained high numbers of viewings, with one of the more controversial "The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?" having obtained over 5.5 million upload views, and with nearly 15,000 channel subscribers.[5]


For several weeks in January and February 2010, the Toronto Free Gallery held an exhibition entitled "Class Treason Stories", presented by the show characters, seeking to "provoke questions about the nature of education and the application of knowledge for either socially beneficent or individualist and competitive purposes".[6]

Online store[edit]

There is also an online store where show-related materials such as t-shirts and badges can be ordered.[7]


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