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Pineapple Fox, photographed by Sven Fennec
A picture of his back tattoo. Photographed by Sven Fennec

Pineapple Fox is a fursuiter and YouTuber from New Hampshire, USA.


Pineapple's fursona is a fox which has a pineapple fruit color scheme. He has a pineapple tribal tattoo on his right leg, a tribal tattoo on his back representing that of a palm tree and hair representing the top of a pineapple.

The name pineapple came from a drink that was served in a ceramic cup at a restaurant that he would frequent. His coworkers started to call him pineapple and he decided to build a fursona off of the name.


Pineapple Fox's fursuit was designed by MoreFurLess.


Pineapple Fox announced that he would become a YouTuber by Summer 2019.[1] According to a tweet he sent on April 9, 2019, he is currently filming content for the channel with Kiwi Fox and Majira Strawberry.[2]

Appearances with other YouTubers[edit]

As with many furry YouTubers, Pineapple Fox has made various appearances on several other channels.


In addition to appearing on several videos, Pineapple Fox also frequents some of BetaEtaDelota's live streams where he interacts with the viewers.

Majira Strawberry[edit]


Barton Fox[edit]


Pineapple Fox posing with one of his projectors. Photographed by Sven Fennec.

Pineapple Fox has a love for movies, especially ones from the 1950s to the 1980s. He loves to collect old 8mm Movies and Super 8 movies as well as 8mm Projectors and Super 8 Projectors.

Pineapple has hosted movie panels at both PineFurCon 2019 and Anthro New England 2019, where he would talk about the technology and culture while showing movies on period tech.


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