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Pikachu "Gunner", also known as Forrest "Fhyre" is a furry artist, writer, and has a Blaziken fursuit in progress. He has been in the furry fandom since October 2007.

PikachuGunner uses his names on the internet, not limited to furry endeavors. The name of his first official fursona, a Pikachu, Pikachu "Gunner" is his main internet name. More recently, the name of his Blaziken fursona, Forrest "Fhyre" has shown up on some sites. He also has a feathersona, Joseph Cain, a half-gryphon, which he currently prides as his first original character outside of the Pokemon fandom.

Furry History[edit]

Before Fandoms[edit]

PikachuGunner considers himself to be a furry all his life, even though there were times before he went into the furry fandom that he thought certain furry-related things were absolutely absurd. (Namely the Redwall series.) He had a fascination with Pokemon ever since the games came out. His fascination was not and is not with the people or the show, but the creatures. Vague memories of early reading of books like Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and movies like Robin Hood may have also influenced him, though he himself is not sure why he's a furry, other than his unintentional desire to make a fursuit, explained later.

Pokemon Fandom[edit]

PikachuGunner did not lead a social life on the internet despite having plentiful access to it until the summer of 2006, where he discovered Articuno Seagull's site, The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno. Ironically enough, this was at a QSR Boy Scout summer camp, where he was sometimes on the IRC chat rooms, until he got back home and signed up for the site under the name Pikachu_Gunner, where his first fursona's name, but not the fursona itself, was unintentionally born.

The idea actually came from a dream at QSR, where the staff at the camp started exterminating Pikachus around the camp, of which he was one of the last group being hunted down. After a near-extermination of his group, he promptly made himself into a Solid Snake-esque Pikachu and broke into the camp's gun lockers while everyone was asleep, deciding to fight fire with fire, turning their own guns (rather awkwardly) against them. He actually thought of turning this into a fanfiction, but his own, completely unrelated Rise of the Pokemon fanfiction replaced that idea.

While on TST, a conversation on the site prompted him to make a picture on deviantART. He thought highly of the picture at the time, but now that he’s made a lot of others, he thinks it's an example of how not to use Photoshop.

Furry Fandom[edit]

PikachuGunner’s exposure to the official furry fandom came from his desire to make a Blaziken fursuit, though at the time, he was wanting to make the best Halloween costume ever seen, not even knowing about the fandom. In looking for how to go about making something like this, he ran into TaniDaReal's fursuit website and that is when he found the fandom, looking up convention sites and finding out more about what the furry fandom was.

He currently maintains accounts on deviantART and Fur Affinity, both under the name PikachuGunner, although these websites have been inactive recently due to RL circumstances and lack of time, he plans to bring these sites back up to speed when he has the time again. Only his more recent art features anthros, mostly drawing the Pokemon or animals themselves. His writing has not featured anthros yet, although he plans to do so.

He also hopes to be able to go to a furry convention when he gets the time and money.


PikachuGunner has several fursonas and feathersonas that he uses, each with their own personalities. This is different from his characters, as these are characters he uses and identifies with.

Pikachu "Gunner"[edit]

His first fursona, Pikachu "Gunner", was a Pikachu meant to resemble Solid Snake in appearance and himself in personality, but with more hyperactivity and a skill with firearms. This fursona was at first just a name for The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno, but he developed it into a full character, shaping his personality in a different direction, having a sense of paranoia because of his size and deficient electrical ability, rationalizing his use of firearms.

This fursona also has the nickname of "Gunney" on TST's IRC channels, given by Pwnanator on occasion.

Forrest "Fhyre"[edit]

PikachuGunner made many characters, but his next personal one, a Blaziken feathersona, came about during the same time as the start of his Blaziken fursuit, since this feathersona was going to basically be him while he was in costume, and when he officially became a furry, this was when he started calling his personal, identifying characters fursonas or feathersonas. He thought he was clever when he made it up, but he says now that "it's probably most horribly puntastic name I've heard. Ever." Regardless, he still plans to use the name.

Forrest "Fhyre" is a Blaziken that tends to be serious at everything he does, but is still quite social and won't hesitate to draw attention towards himself. He tends to get frustrated when he can't do something right, but he exerts self-control. He has his fire abilities well-developed, but hardly ever uses it, only if he has to, or he can be a show-off without hurting or burning something or someone with it.

Joseph Cain[edit]

Joseph Cain is PikachuGunner's most recent feathersona, and is more developed than any of his other characters, giving more details about this characters than any others, being the first character he actually made a character sheet for.

Joseph Cain is a male albino anthropomorphic gryphon (of what species is undetermined at present), 17 years old and 6'6" in height. With wings as arms, he is capable of skilful, albeit limited flight. In a planned storyline, he is the designer and owner of "Neo Avian Clothiers", as well as the lead guitarist for "The Avian Aces".

His behavior is hyper, spontaneous, and often quite unpredictable. He is nevertheless very outgoing and skilled at what he likes to do.

In his storyline, on his continent, all species are completely intelligent, but so-called "half-breeds" such as himself are looked down on, and as such, he is easily angered by derogatory comments about this particular aspect of him.

PikachuGunner plans to start a comic about Joseph Cain and the rest of his band, when the time arises.

Other Characters[edit]

All of PikachuGunner's other characters are, as of far, from the Rise of the Pokemon series that he authors. He does use these characters for roleplay on occasion, but does not personally identify with them.


Lightning is a male Pikachu standing at 1'4", around the normal height for a Pikachu. His markings are all black, including the ones on his back, the markings on his ears and tail very jagged. He has a decent electrical ability to defend himself, but is still extremely paranoid due to past experience. He doesn't run from anything he thinks he can defend himself from, but he underestimates his own abilities often.


Shadow is a male Lugia standing at at least 17 feet tall. He is a young adult, at least 50 years old in a Lugia's age. Even through all those years, he still remembers the faces of the people who captured his mother, and will attack anyone who bears a resemblance to those people. However, since he was a baby, he did not see all of the details of their faces.

His appearance is that of a typical Lugia, except for the cyan tips of his eye crests, somehow passed down in his family.


An overly-aggressive male Typhlosion that takes others quite lightly. He is predatory and very territorial, and won't hesitate to attack something in his territory. He is six feet tall and has a large, muscular stature. He also has quite a few scars scattered about his body from the fights he has had.


A female Dragonair that is very good at being highly charismatic and seductive as a hunting tactic, preferring to lure her prey over to her and eat it whole and alive rather than having to chase and kill it, though she can chase and strike down her prey very well, too.

She holds a severe grudge towards humans, often luring them to their untimely end, whether they actually deserve it or not.


The Blaziken "fursuit" is, at the moment, only the top of a foam head, until he can get the funding and time to be able to make the rest.

He hopes to be able to add pyrotechnics to the suit and make the beak and lower arms coated in a fireproof material to make this possible. However, he thinks that this addition will be very unlikely.

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