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A pika is also an animal related to hares and rabbits.

Pika is a British fur who has been within the fandom for over 6 years now. Pika currently lives in Liverpool, UK, working as a Games Tester for SCEE.


Pika always kept himself to himself but silently observed what he believed to be a slow degradation in the 'quality' of UK Furmeets. This prompted him, along with then close friend Niko, to found the Furs Against Furs. He was eventually forced to 'leave' the FAF after an internal dispute between himself and Niko.

Due to past association with the FAF, many furs believe that he is against any kind of expression or sexual activities. Pika insists this is not true, saying: 'I never once intended to imply that expressing your furry side, in any shape or form, or that sexual activities where bad. I just thought that far too many furs used "expression" as an excuse to do things in public that should really be left in the bedroom.'

Current life[edit]

Pika has long since reintegrated into the UK Furry scene and now regularly attends the smaller UK furmeets, though his personal views of the fandom have not changed. He is very vocal about his feelings toward the fandom and regularly rants about recent furry antics in his LiveJournal.

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