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Picklejuice, also known as The Intolerable Picklejuice, Picklejuice13, The Peej (real name Arthur Pearson; born 1974), is an artist who specializes in transformation artwork, including the webcomics The Office Bitch and Subject to Change. Picklejuice is from Minnesota, U.S.A.

He has stated he does not have a specific fursona ("My tastes are always changing, as it were") but when pressed he says he enjoys the fursona of a three-toed sloth because they are a rare species whose entire physical anatomy is geared toward living life upside-down. They represent seeing things from a different angle.

"Picklejuice" chose his name because he was the only person he knew of who enjoyed drinking the brine from pickle jars. Today he enjoys the fact that picklejuice itself is a transformative object: it takes normal innocent cucumbers and transforms them into pickles. It was not chosen because it's a salty liquid that squirts out of a long, hard, cylindrical object.

Art and comics[edit]

Picklejuice's first encounter with transformation was The Shaggy Dog. Ever since he's tried to bring closer to reality that which does not exist: transformations. He has a moderate amount of skill, but deliberately chooses to reduce the quality and time spent on individual pictures in order to create sequences, depicting a transformation with more precision and detail overall than a single picture ever possibly could.

Unemployed since November 2009, Picklejuice is currently trying to make a living at art.

Picklejuice's first comic is Iron Wolf, on which he spent 10 years developing the backstory for before finishing the first issue. He recently decided to start posting it online with plans to continue the storyline.

The second comic is The Office Bitch, started in 2004 and still going today. He has switched hosting to his own home computer when comicgenesis stopped updating the comic and was unable to fix the issue. It has a storyline, but focuses on the transformations suffered by and caused by the comic's titular character Toby Houndin.

Finally we have Subject To Change, his first attempt at a more PG comic. It also focuses on transformation, but is not sexually charged like the office bitch or as serious as Iron Wolf.


Picklejuice has started to post animations and slideshows of his art on youtube


Picklejuice regularly attends Midwest Furfest and Furry Connection North, and enjoys hosting a panel on transformation


Unafraid to explore the scarier extremes of fetishism, Picklejuice has frequently broken the restrictions on uploaded content at transfur, and has had his art (appropriately) taken down on several occasions. Also, The Office bitch is listed on Cracked's 4th level of webcomic hell Incomprehensible sexual fetishes.

Picklejuice has the following to say: "I do not apolagize to people upset by my art. I try to take the appropriate steps to flag all extreme art as such. Please learn to NOT look at pictures on the internet if you are an immature person who cannot handle seeing other peoples' hideous fantasies. There are worse things in this world to worry about than unpleasant images. Especially when 'unpleasant' is an entirely subjective term."

He was one of the people that suggested "transfur" as the name of the transfur.com website, where a large portion of his art is housed.

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