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CrawlingChaos (alternatively known as PhycoKrusk and C.C.) was a player and GM in LylatRPG from October 2002 to September 2006.

Besides being a player and a GM, he was also the RPG's primary content developer, contributing 40 - 50% of the Encyclopedia Lylatia, when it was still online. He was the second GM to host a Venomian team (StarfoxRPG), VEST2, and continued to GM the same group under the title "Pariah" in LylatRPG. It was the second group to disband.

CrawlingChaos tried to start a new Star Fox-themed RPG, called Lylat Prime, that was based on the original game and the comics that ran in the Nintendo Power magazine. It did not generate enough interest to move beyond the alpha stage, although he continues to develop content for it "just in case".

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