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Phunkiezero (born January 25,[1] 1991)[2] is a furry who lives in Kersey, Pennsylvania, USA.[3]

His fursona is an Arctic fox named Quez. His fur is plain white with no markings other than streaks of black on either side of his muzzle.


Phunkiezero was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and lived there for approximately eighteen years. He went to Chaparral High School but did not graduate with his class, instead graduating a year later at a side-school to make up a missing point.

Phunkiezero was an observer of the furry fandom since 2001, but he did not become a part of it until the combined creation of his fursona and Fur Affinity account in 2007. Phunkiezero has wanted to go to a furry convention since his discovery of them, but, as of January 2014, has never had the direct opportunity to go to one, and has openly shown negative emotions when a convention is taking place, due to his inability to attend.[citation needed] He was, for a short time, a part of the Vegas Furs and would attend as many open events as possible.


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