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Phox Sillanpaa is a furry writer and furry artist. He is also a resident of TSL (Teen Second Life), where he manages the group Furry Plateau, which he helped co-found.


Phox Sillanpaa is the author of the Ela Barton Waltz series about a young rabbit fem who is coping with the dark realities of being a vampire. Her lonely existence attracts the attention of Edgar Bauldamier, who seeks to change her life - and the state of her soul - permanently. There are two versions of the story; one with yiff and one without.

Phox is currently working on a new story, unofficially titled L.H.A.


Despite his name being "Phox", Phox Sillanpaa is actually a fennec. Phox started as a fox but fell in love with the big ears that come with fennecs. His eyes are green and he wears goggles.

Phox's facial marking consist of two black triangles coming up from the top of his eyes, and Egyptian-style eye markings. Phox roleplays as a vampire but isn't always one. His appearance in the Ela Barton series portrays him as a creature of the night, but that isn't always true.

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