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Photon (real name Tyler; born October 12)[1] is a furry who lives in Spanaway, Washington, USA.[2]


Tyler started getting interested in anthropomorphism around 2008. Initially, he did not know there was a community devoted to anthropomorphic animals, but he joined the furry fandom in early 2010.

Tyler always wanted to be part animal with human attributes. He started off with only a pair of cat ears as his only way of portraying himself as an anthropomorphic character.


Tyler's fursona, Photon, is a wolfsky (wolf-husky hybrid). He has greyish fur with a white belly and purplish eyes.

Tyler's fursona initially went through a number of names, including Kura, Karu, and Kon., but none of these were exactly what he was looking for. One day, at school, during second period chemistry class, sub-atomic particles were being explained and photons (light particles) were part of the presentation. At this point, Tyler knew that Photon would be his fursona name.


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