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A photomorph is a manipulated composite image, combining, replacing, or otherwise adjusting the body parts or other physical features of a particular feature of the main image, most often individual subject(s) of the image. It is sometimes used, outside of the furry art genre, in satirical, and often political settings.

Photomorphs in furry art[edit]

Photomorphing, as a subgenre of furry art, is usually intended for the presentation of human subjects as "furry" individuals, most often replacing the human head with a photorealistic head of another species (fantastical or otherwise); it can extend to the replacement of other body parts with photorealistic limbs and the addition of new ones as well. In addition, computer morphing can be employed to produce interpolations between source and destination images, creating hypothetical (and often unusual) body shapes and textures.

It is less common in production than fully hand-drawn or manually-created art, and can often be fused with portions of works of hand-drawn or manually-created art. However, it is often pursued by furry artists who, at most other times, would specialize in the creation of hand-drawn art. Adobe Photoshop is the most common desktop application used for photomanipulation of raster images. Specialised computer morphing tools such as MorphMan may also be employed, either alone or in conjunction with other raster image manipulation software.

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