Phoenix Squadron

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Phoenix Squadron is a fictional furry series, created by writer Ken Trayling, detailing the adventures of a futuristic squadron of mech pilots, each piloted by anthropomorphic characters. The series itself was written based off of various online role-play sessions and a d20 Modern campaign. The setting is approximately 75 years in the future, man has begun his outward expansion into space, yet still remained focused on Earth, colonizing only the Moon and Mars. Breakthroughs in genetic science has allowed mankind to improve themselves, but also to a limited degree, create intelligent anthropomorphs based off existing Earth species. However, the only practical application of this technology is in a secret government-funded project, codenamed Operation: Phoenix, to create the ultimate soldier. Animals are used in the human-centric arrogance of "they're just animals." Eight subjects are created, each receiving a name designation, added by the word Phoenix. Each are trained to operate top-secret mechs, each geared towards their particular strength and abilities. Performing in black ops operations, they fight on Earth's side in the Martian Independence War.


Squadron members[edit]

  • Red (fox)- Leader of the squadron. Drives Garek, a prototype mech with advanced weaponry and flight capabilities.
  • Bear (bear)- Chief mechanic of the squadron. Drives Tank, a juggernaut mech. Specializes in things that require brute strength, yet also has a very delicate manner in him.
  • Sabal (jaguar) - Espionage and reconnaissance specialist. Drives Tabaxi, a stealth mech with highly advanced weaponry. Usually called on for reconnaissance missions with Mouse and Speedy. Has extremely aggressive tendencies and often comes into conflict with Red over command decisions.
  • Malena (fox) - Squadron medic and second in command. Drives Mercy, a medium-sized mech designed for field medicine and medevac operations. Is a female clone of Red, so as such views him much like a brother. Takes care of Lulu.
  • Curlknot (chakat) - Squadron intelligence officer. Does not operate a mech, rather operates their mobile field base and communications center, directing each mission from a neutral location. The first Phoenix created, shi is an experimental breed and is often looked upon as a mentor and mother to the rest of the squadron.
  • Mouse (mouse) - Squadron computer specialist. Drives Rat, a stealth reconnaissance mech with advanced computer hacking software. There isn't a system or mainframe that he hasn't visited. Often seen as the kid of the group, due to his size and relative combat inexperience.
  • Cowboy (armadillo) - Squadron artillery officer and master-at-arms. Drives Tex, a heavily armoured vehicle meant for heavy artillery bombardment.
  • Speedy (hare) - Squadron communications officer. Drives Rocket, a high speed mech designed for long-distance travel.

Other cast members[edit]

  • General Kenneth Turner (human)- Commanding Officer of Operation: Phoenix. Personally oversaw each growth of each member. Many of the humanoid DNA found in each Phoenix is rumored to come personally from himself although this has never been confirmed.
  • Liska Uri (Lulu) (fox)- Red's daughter. Actually a part clone of himself, DNA from the squadron leader was combined with a rogue female anthropomorph of unknown origins, known only in files as Fox, and implanted within her womb to be birthed as their daughter.
  • Kenny (fox)- A rogue anthropomorph, the prototype from which Red was created. Early aggression mental implants have caused this fox to be slightly insane and highly feral. Having escaped Phoenix custody several years ago, he roams the nearby forest outside of Phoenix Base.
  • Purity - A religious fundamentalist organization made of human supremacists who believe that the creation of anthropomorphs and also cloning is an affront to the Judeo-Christian God and actively protest in demonstrations, riots and terrorist actions.
  • Martian Freedom - A group of Martian seperatists who believe that Mars should be free from Earth rule. They achieve their means through militia strikes. It is mainly them that Phoenix Squadron combats, although Sabal secretly sympathizes with their cause.