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A Reference Sheet of Phoenix
Photo of Phoenix in Fursuit

Phoenix Sheppy born March 27,[1] also known as (Phoenix, Phoenix Shepherd, or Phoenixthegermanshepherd), is a fursuiter, and IT Specialist who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


Phoenix's fursona is a German Shepherd, created by his original Kimi Cook (Kpcrox). Bearing realistic colors, its fur is tan and brown. The character has a feral and an anthro (bipedal) form. His fursona is considered a species-fluid or transformation sona, as he can switch from one species to another at will. Currently, he is a German Shepherd Dog. He considers his character to be a kidfur in terms of age.

His current artist Kotirikkin; has made several pieces for him, and has made his latest reference sheet pictured right. Starting as a simple contract job for a few stickers, Kotirikkin has become Phoenix's current go-to artist and one of his best friends.

Phoenix created his fursona when he was 16, his family had never owned a dog before and his imagination had always wanted one in his life. So he decided that his fursona should reflect the dog he's always wanted. Today, Phoenix's fursona now represents himself more than the dog he always wanted, but deep down Phoenix will always be the dog he wanted in his childhood.

Phoenix has a "fursona career" as an emotional support dog, as that felt to be a more appropriate job for his fursona compared to a police or military dog. He occasionally wears a vest custom made for his fursuit that designates him as a service/support animal at conventions and events.

Phoenix owns a partial fursuit (Pictured Right), and has put the idea of purchasing a full fursuit due to a recent diagnosis of chronic urticaria related to heat/sweat. His fursuit was designed by a fursuit designer on Etsy named Audrey Saldana.[2]


Phoenix has graduated with an associate's degree in Computer Systems Administration. He currently is employed as an IT Specialist in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. His passion for technology has been with him since he was just a pup, and has grown with him throughout the years. His passion for technology keeps him on his paws and always learning new things! Currently he has a CCENT certification and an MD-100.

He was raised in Saint Louis, MO, but has moved around the midwest a couple of times to cities like Chicago IL, and Nashville TN. He has several hobbies like homelabbing, playing CloneHero, collecting and repairing Rockband and Guitar Hero controllers, and programming.


Phoenix has attended the following conventions:

Gateway Fur Meet in 2018 and debuted his fursuit in the Parade, at several panels and in the lobbies. He plans to return in 2019.

Midwest Fur Fest in 2018, and was the first debut of his new sona-profession; emotional support dog. He was present from the 29th of December to the 2nd of January.

Gateway Fur Meet in 2019, and attended multiple panels. His sona-profession was present multiple times throughout the convention.

Midwest Fur Fest in 2019, and visited many friends and room parties. His sona-profession was present, and went with his partner Riversteel.

Works / Projects[edit]

  • Phoenix has published over 70 Telegram stickers in his collection labeled German Shepherd Sticker Bois that has been published to Telegram and is available for use by anyone. He designed these when he wanted stickers of real German Shepherds depicting emotions. All of his work is inspired and sourced from the official subreddit of the species
  • Phoenix owns a personal sona sticker pack of 30+ stickers created by his current artist Kotirikkin. Inspried by his day-to-day activities such as work, school and friendships.
  • Phoenix owns and manages a public website under his domain(s) and which are used to easily distribute contact information, and display his current projects.
  • Phoenix operates a blog under a pseudo-company he calls "PhoenixNet" that houses all of his projects and has a blog that documents all of his work throughout his journey.
  • Phoenix has contributed and QA tested for the ReviveMC74 project. Designed to repurpose Cisco Meraki's MC74 VoIP phones from the ground up with custom software and implementation.


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