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Phoenix Furness was a convention intended to take place over 26-28 February 2010 at the Grace Inn (Phoenix) in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Guests of Honor were to be Lacy and CloudPouncer of Fursuits by Lacy & Nick.[1] The mascot was a coyote named Pedro, and the theme was to be the Broadway-inspired "Opening Night".


ZeroCon was a one day mini-convention planned for September 2009. It was intended as a warm up for the Phoenix Furness convention staff for the following February. The theme was "Dress Rehearsal".

In late June an announcement by Skylar stated that "Dress Rehearsal's location and date will be announced by the end of July!"[2] As of Feburary 2010, there were no more recent announcements on the Phoenix Furness website or LiveJournal community.


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