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Jolly Jack's persona

Phillip M. Jackson, also known as Jolly Jack and PMJ, is a classic media artist, video game concept artist, professional cartoonist and scandalous furry illustrator from the United Kingdom, and the creator of the webcomic Sequential Art. Jackson's indoctrination into the furry culture has been welcomed by ardent furries for quite a while, using Jackson's blatant furry style to judge him as one of the more silly yet talented and respectful furries on the internet.

Other creations[edit]


  • Spider & Scorpion - An intentionally "badly" drawn strip about a spider and a scorpion. Bizarre, nonsensical with occasional flashes of Genius. 'Death and Taxes'
  • Sh*t House - An older and now mostly abandoned strip full of the same surreal weirdness that Spider & Scorpion has now, only with more gratuitous violence. Still hosted at


  • Freakshow - Illustrations of the dark and dangerous creatures that inhabit Pippingrad. Serious, yet undefinably creepy.


  • Nurse Sally - An unfeasible busty nurse with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nurse Sally has appeared in two comics written and drawn by Jackson, in which Nurse Sally comes up against mutants and zombies in scenarios curiously similar to the events at Black Mesa in the computer game Half-Life, and events at an arctic outpost which bear an uncanny resemblance to the movie The Thing.
  • Chloe - An anthropomorphic skunk character who is the subject of a series of one-off drawings, which occasionally cross over into the Sequential Art world. Chloe is huge-breasted and seriously over-sexed. She's not too fussy about gender or species either! It also doesn't hurt that she's the genuinely altruistic CEO of a very successful multinational, which leaves no end of interesting situations for her to get into that can just as often as not result in her indulging her oversexed libido.


Banjo-Kazooie - As a former employee of Rare, he had done work with the game, most notably Nuts & Bolts. He was behind the designs for two notable characters in Nuts & Bolts, Lord Of Games (L.O.G.) and Piddles. His artwork is also featured as a background for Klungo Sssavesss The World and Klungo Sssavesss The Universsse. His gallery also features many concept art for events dropped from the game as well as earlier designs for L.O.G.

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