Philippine Anthro Festival 2014

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Philippine Anthro Festival (edit)
Philippine Anthro Festival 2014
Philippine Anthro Festival 2015

Philippine Anthro Festival staff
Philippine Anthro Festival guests of honor

Philippine Anthro Festival 2014 was the first iteration of the Philippine Anthro Festival. It took place on May 17, 2014, at the SM Megatrade Conference Center, SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The Guest of honor was Uncle Kage. The event had 134 attendees, nine of which were fursuiters.

Event Activities[edit]

Dance Workshop
Although the original plan was a dance competition, it was replaced with a dance workshop due to lack of competition participants. The dance workshop was headed by Rei Takamaya who taught the participants the basics of Locking. The participants were then tasked to show off their dance moves. As a consolation for their participation, they were given pet dog blankets sponsored by Pet Express.

Art Contest
The contestants drew traditional art on illustration boards. The winner of this contest is Skyver Chase.

Furry Rave
In the furry rave, every furry got their dance moves on with the beats of DJ Rei Takamaya as well as rave lighting and effects.

Fursuit Making Tutorial
One of the talks and panels, the Fursuit Making Tutorial was lead by fursuiter, Jazzthur Leminson. He discussed the basics of fursuit making as well as tips for making one.

Talk With Uncle Kage
The talk with Uncle Kage, the spokesperson for the furry fandom in dispelling myths and rumors of the fandom, was made via Skype although it was short lived due to technical errors.

The games included throwback of old cartoons and films that are related to the fandom and guessing who the character is on stage.

Intermission Numbers
The intermission number included a solo classical piano performance by Tooth Less, a dance number by the [[Furrypino Fursuiters Pack] and a dance number by Applejack and Altair from the Philippine Bronies.

Event Exhibitions[edit]

Artist's Alley
Artists showed off their work or drew commission for other people. Artists Alley is free of charge.

Dealers' Den
If Artists Alley isn't enough, people may opt to rent a space at the Dealers' Den. The last year's Dealers' Den includes furry and non furry merchandises, freebies and photobooth.

Games Corner
The main highlight of the Games Corner was inclusion of nostalgic old furry-related games as old as Playstation 1. Other consoles included are Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Fureedom Wall
The Fureedom Wall is where any furry could write to express anything they want to express out.


Headless Lounge
The Headless Lounge is where fursuiters could remove their fursuits/costumes in privacy to rest or cool off. Such privacy is required to preserve the "magic" of their fursona.


Diamond Sponsors[edit]

  • JEDD Tech Corp
  • iAcademy
  • Toy Kingdom and Pet Express

Gold Sponsors[edit]

  • Martian Designs

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