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Phantomgraph was the nom de plume of an occasional furry artist and author. He worked in a variety of media including traditional airbrush, pastels, and pencils. He also dabbled in digital artworks using Blender and Gimp. His stories ranged in genre from fantasy and mild horror to science fiction. Most of the work publicly presented is rated PG-13 or less.

Many in the fandom believe the name Phantomgraph refers to a draconic fursona, but it is simply his Internet and artist handle. According to the artist himself, his character, named Falcres Riverdance(formally Falcor Riverdance) , is from a race of anthropomorphic dragon kin he created, known as dracine.

On Dec 14, 2007 Phantomgraph relocated from his birth state of Michigan to South Dakota. In 2011 he returned to college as a student of environmental technology and following his love for science.

According to his widow, Kim Fish, Phantomgraph passed away in August of 2014.

Phantomgraph says that his current home is SoFurry, and that he is currently using the beta version of the site. (See links below.)

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