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Pfhor (pronounced four), initially also known as Pepper,[1] is a furry artist who lives in England. Their fursona is a purple and white Nurse shark.

Early fandom years[edit]

Pfhor found the fandom towards the end of 2008 via a variety of sources, including: searching for Sangheili and finding Herpy_(website) and VCL; discovering Funday Pawpet Show clips uploaded to youtube by RNCoyote; discovering Deviantart by looking for artwork of dragons. They are unsure of when this started or when exactly they realised that all of these separate discoveries were a part of the same subculture; it happened over time. The first time they heard the word furry was when friends in real life at the time had described furries as perverts who dress as animals to have sex, likely due to the CSI episode that had been re-running in the UK at the time; this intrigued them, to say the least.

In early 2009, they had signed up to Yiffstar and wanted to make a character. There were very few photos of sharks online, and very little art of shark characters; they wanted to be a shark to help raise awareness of the inhumane practice of shark finning. The name pfhor was an account name, while Pepper was the character name, and came from the album Sergeant Pepper, as they were a big fan of progressive music of the late 60s and early 70s at that time. The name pfhor is the name of an alien race from the 1994 Macintosh video game Marathon, and became the only name used over time.

For years, they spent most of their internet time in the Funday Pawpet IRC channel and Anthrochat, also being a semi-regular of The Rabbit Hole (Romeo Rabbit), Woulfe Pack Show, Radio Lawn, and FursuitTV. They would stream their drawing and music on the various art streaming sites that existed in the late 00's - early 10's. They met Rev_Heretic in the #Pawpet IRC channel and have been a couple since 11/11/2011. Both were frequently online for Omadaun's art streams, eventually moving to a group on MSN with Omadaun, Fred Bedderhead, CrazyHusky, and some others.

At present[edit]

After a long period of inactivity in the fandom, they went to their first furmeet, London Furs, in 2018, at around the same time they also started to identify as non-binary. Encouraged by friends made at these meets, they made their fursuit in the Autumn of 2021 while working full time under lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, sewing by hand, and with a vintage Singer 27k. They still occasionally attend London furmeets, and have yet to go to a convention.

Pfhor is a member of the marathon community where they are known as PfhorShark, previously Halosopher[2]. They create videos of obscure custom levels and speedruns[3], and work with the developers of current marathon projects.

They play the violin, piano, alto saxophone, guitar, flute, and modular synthesiser. They are interested in all things experimental and new, but also in wildlife and conservation.


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