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Border collie fursuit

Petorawolf, also known as Pet, is a furry who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Petorawolf has been a variety of canidae since originally joining FurryMUCK as Lockheed in 1993. As of July 2008, he is a border collie, which accurately reflects his constant must-be-doing-something nature he has in real life.

Convention involvement[edit]

Petorawolf assisted at Further Confusion 2000 as GOH Liaison, and is usually the social organizer of occasional dinners during cons.

Furry hobbies[edit]

Petorawolf is a builder of fursuits. He also writes the occasional story (which are rarely given out beyond the intended audience, or written under a pen name), and he enjoys traveling to see furries in as foreign of lands as possible.

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