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Peter & Company
Peter and Company logo.jpg
Author(s) Jon Ponikvar
Update schedule Monthly
Launch date January 1, 2005
End Date Ongoing
Genre Slice of life, humor
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Peter and Company is a webcomic created by artist and animator Jon Ponikvar.[1] The first strip is dated January 1, 2005. It was co-hosted on The Katbox from 2015 through 2019.[2]

The comic[edit]

Peter and Company is about the life of an average 12-year-old cat who is only trying to make something of himself in his world, but always seems to end up on the butt end of pranks. Enter Seth, his guardian. Seth is only visible to Peter, but he can handle and manipulate physical objects. This turns out to be both a blessing and a curse for Peter. As the strip progresses, Peter discovers there are other beings like Seth whom he can also see and interact with.

The characters[edit]

  • Peter, a young cat who can't seem to get a break. He has a habit of refusing to listen to sound advice and sometimes does things without thinking.
  • Seth, a dapper duck guardian who looks out for Peter, occasionally letting Peter learn a lesson the hard way. He is good friends with Skin.
  • Iggy, a young gecko lacking a few marbles. His childlike speech patterns are represented in letters made to look like they were scrawled by a young child.
  • Skin, a snake, Iggy's guardian. He has his hands full, as it were, keeping Iggy out of trouble, but he is very good at what he does.
  • Chelsea, a popular young bear with a troubled past. She often runs into Peter because they live across the street from one another, but she always acts like she does not want anything to do with him.
  • Persephoni, a rabbit, Chelsea's guardian. Chelsea's personality is such that rather than reveal herself as an imaginary friend, as do Seth and Skin, Persephoni manifests herself as a fully visible pet rabbit "Pearl" whenever Chelsea is around.
  • The Worms. Only one, Norton, has been named so far, but names seem unimportant for these little troublemakers. Like the guardians, they cannot be seen by anyone who is not "in the know", as is Peter, a fact they try to use to their advantage. There is usually one smart one to think up the scheme, others to carry it out and an extremely stupid one (such as Norton) to make a brainless comment on the side.
  • Ezzy, Peter's sister, is aware that strange things have been happening around Peter and that he always seems to be talking to someone who is not there, but she is unaware--indeed, could not imagine--that Seth is responsible. The poor girl is inclined to believe, as if paranoid, that something strange is going on.


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