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Peter-No-Tail in Americat (Swedish Pelle Svanslös i Amerikatt), is a 1985 Swedish animation based on the stories about the tail-less cat Pelle Svanslös by Gösta Knutsson. The cartoon is a sequel to the 1981 cartoon Peter-No-Tail, and is known in Sweden for its extremely surreal content.


Peter-No-Tail (Pelle Svanslös) is a cat who was born without a tail.[citation needed] He compensates this by studying hard and, much to the dismay of his arch-rival Magnus (Måns), he receives a fancy university degree very few cats in the university town Uppsala, Sweden have obtained. In the movie, he is visited by his American relative Pelle Swanson who invites him to visit his new home country America - in the movie called Americat. There everything is bigger; even the rats are much fatter.

The movie is mainly about what happens to someone from another country who is not used to the life in a big city. Nevertheless, Peter-No-Tail ís still a kind-hearted cat to everyone even if the other cats are not nice to him. Everything seems possible in America, even the prospect of finally having a proper tail and a sweetheart to call one's own.

The movie has many surreal elements, such as Peter encountering extremely large ghetto-rats who tries to eat him, encounters with an all cat mob, the famous church of Uppsala turns into a huge cat and a Native American cat who uses magic to give him a long, golden tail, earning him the nickname of "Peter Gold-Tail."

Character English voice Swedish voice
Pelle Svanslös Bruce Reitherman Erik Lindgren
Maja Gräddnos Fiona Fullerton Ewa Fröling
Eleka Måns Michael Crawford Ernst-Hugo Järegård
Bill Clarence Nash Carl Billquist
Bull Terry-Thomas Björn Gustafson
Pelle Swanson Basil Rathbone Stellan Skarsgård
Filadelfia Fille Diana Chesney Mille Schmidt
Gammel-Maja I Domkyrkotornet Eve Brenner Agneta Prytz
Gullan Från Arkadien Eleanor Audley Lena-Pia Bernhardsson
Laban Från Observatorielunden Sebastian Cabot (skådespelare) Charlie Elvegård
Murre Från Skogstibble Norman Alden Åke Lagergren
Rickard Från Rickomberga Luis Van Rooten Nils Eklund
Fritz Barrie Ingham Jan Sjödin
Frida Susanne Pollatschek Gunilla Norling
Sångernas Katterna David Hyde Pierce Michael Cederberg
Sångernas Katterna Patrick McGoohan Jörgen Lötgård
Sångernas Katterna Steve Martin Jesper Rönndahl
Sångernas Katterna Wayne Allwine Hasse Alatalo
Skolans Mannen Som Katten Alan Young Hans Lindgren
Bygga Som Mannen Som Katten Alan Young Hans Lindgren
Lodjuret Sterling Holloway Jan Nygren
Ett Råttan Lord Tim Hudson Eddie Axberg
Ett Råttan Thurl Ravenscroft Fredrik Lindström
Ett Råttan Paul Winchell Daniel Breitholtz
Flickan Som Katt Darleen Carr Barbro Lindgren
Kapten Som Katt Jim Cummings Åke Lundqvist
Piloter Som Katt,Taxichefen Som Katt John Fiedler Dan Johannesson
Piloter Som Katt,Polis Som Katt Jim Cummings Lars Haldenberg
Piloter Som Katt April Winchell Monica Forsberg
Piloter Som Katt Jennifer Hale Myrra Malmberg
Piloter Som Katt Tress MacNeille Charlotte Lauterbach
Piloter Som Katt Rob Paulsen Stig Ossian Ericson
Piloter Som Katt Scarlett Johansson Margareta Sjödin
Cowboy Som Katt,Mannen Som Katt Danny Elfman Niklas Hjulström
Cowboy Som Katt,Mannen Som Katt,Indianer Samuel E. Wright Jojje Wadenius
Cowboy Som Katt,Mannen Som Katt,Indianer Bill Fagerbakke Ted Gärdestad
Indianer Som Frun Katt Catherine O'Hara Sara Sommerfeld
Lille Ungen Som Katt Roddy McDowall Kajsa Dandenell
Lodjuret Som Ungen Reginald Owen Thomas Funck
Mannen Som Katt Pinto Colvig Philip Zandén

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