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A pet auction is an event held at some furry conventions, where dedicated time with a volunteering individual is "sold" to the highest bidder.


The pet auctions of early furry conventions mirrored the slave auctions of general sci-fi conventions in many ways. They may also have been directly influenced by auctions that take place on several MUCKs such as FurryMUCK and Tapestries.[citation needed] The earliest known live versions of such auctions in furry fandom date back to the now-defunct ConFurence and has been continued at Califur, its Southern California successor.

Sometimes, the proceeds are donated to a charity. A pet auction at Confurence 7 once raised $1000 for the families of MetalHead and Rrroofus, victims of a drive-by shooting.

Some conventions have rejected the idea of holding a pet auction, out of concerns that a buyer might expect (or a seller might offer) services that are sexual in nature, or that any observers (such as anti-furries or law enforcement officials) might perceive it as such.[1]



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