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Pestilence (born 1989),[1] formerly known as Ketrino, is a furry writer and fursuiter who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Pestilence enjoys writing horror and fan fiction, mermaiding, Marvel comics, 3DS, veganism, and animal rights. She holds a degree in anthropology.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pestilence has been active in the furry fandom since 2008. She was introduced to the fandom in 2006, by a then-friend and fellow furry, Desvoider.


Her fursona is a male demonic Rottweiler, named Pestilence.[2] Pestilence is a mean, aggressive dog who cares little for anything other than himself. His powers include being able to rot any living flesh he touches, summoning and controlling pestilent insects like moths (Death's head moths are his favorite), and even taking the form of a swarm of moths. He breathes smoke uncontrollably. He tends to smell like smoke, ash, and decay.

Previously, Pestilence's fursona has a female Arctic wolf, until she realized she is actually a Rottweiler.


Pestilence has had four fursuits since 2009, including a husky and a blue fox. As of 2015, she owns a partial suit of Pestilence, and a white wolf fursuit based off her former "Ketrino" fursona


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