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Perverted Tales (also known as PT) is an animated flash series by denzel-crocker. There are five episodes so far but only two of them have characters that fit the definition of furry.

Episode 1: PT: Horny Toad[edit]

A girl is tricked into having sex with a anthropomorphic toad believing that it would turn him into a prince, hence freeing him from a curse. Unfortunately, after the numerous sex acts, the toad admits he was just an ordinary horny toad before hopping away, leaving the shocked girl behind.

Episode 4: PT: When Bitches Botch[edit]

Lyon, a demi-human cat man, is negotiating a hostage exchange, but when his three human female allies are late with a component for the exchange, he goes on a rampage. When he realises that the hostage was killed in the ensuing chaos, he cuts a deal with the humans: He would not tell the his boss, Donnie that the they were late and got the hostage killed if he has sex with them. The girls agree, but afterwards he rats them out anyway. Donnie punishes the girls by letting his pitbulls have their way with them. Lyon, however gets to have sex with an alien girl, before Donnie tells him that she has AIDS.

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