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Human (primate) genitalia comparison chart
Pup, a shemale canine with humanoid male genitalia. Art © Doug Winger.

Genitalia is defined as the sex organs, or any anatomical parts, which are involved in sexual reproduction, and constitute the reproductive system in a complex organism.

Genitalia and furry[edit]

Many furries that design their character's form to include anatomical parts use genitalia that's either human-like, animal, or mix of both. This is most commonly an issue between male, hermaphrodite and intersex characters, since the penis varies much more widely between species than the vagina.[clarify]

In furry art, the depiction of the genitalia in it is what generally determines its content ratings.[citation needed] To some,[who?] the existence of genitals is the defining line between furry and funny animal art.[citation needed]

Animalia anatomy and media[edit]


There are many[who?] artists that design their characters with a humanoid penis, many of which have it tucked inside a penile sheath (the equivalent of a human foreskin), with the inclusion of animalistic features.

For example, canine characters may have a canine penis with a chisel tip and the process of a knot at the base. Felines may have sharply-pointed glans covered in soft barbs. Equines often have a comparatively larger penis, many with flaring, mushroom-shaped glans.

Kangaroo males may have a long, tapering, crooked penis, with their testicles either hanging above it, like an anatomically correct marsupial, or in a more primate fashion.


While there are many that utilize a humanoid vagina, there are some exceptions, such as the Y-slit vulva of canine furs.

Did you know?: Female kangaroo have three vaginas?.

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