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Pawz Davis is a furry with four versions ("morphs") of her fursona. Her primary form is a white and black collie-Arctic wolf hybrid with light blue eyes. The other forms are Sassy Jackson, Fuschia Bash, and Constance Cage, all with different personalities and moods associated with them.

Pawz was originally a horse, but changed around 2005 into a canine fursona.

Sassy Jackson[edit]


Sassy is a morph or alter ego of Pawz Davis. She is a 8 feet tall Kaintak demon/timber wolf/hyena. She's been described as sadistic, nasty, murderous, and all out plain insane. Her eyes are both purple and dark red, both without pupils, with the left having a scar in the shape of a pentagram covering it. Her tongue is green, forked, and 3 feet long when extended, which is common of Kaintak demons. Kaintak demons, born from smoke, aren't actually demons at all, but immortal souls of creatures and dieties that were called "too evil to die". Sassy's particular demon is named Anna, and comes from medieval Russia. She was a royal princess who was beheaded for murdering children. Sassy was born in a lab, vomited up by a dying rabies-infected hyena that had mated with a timber wolf after many scientific tests and things were done upon her. Sassy broke free, killing everyone in the lab and eating them, including her mother. Her strange color's and markings are also typical of Kaintak demon's.

Sassy's fangs and claws are venomous, the venom itself being a neurotoxin, and created from lab tests and experiments as a puppy, when her DNA was spliced with that of many different serpents. Her fangs have forward facing holes, much like a Spitting Cobra, allowing Sassy to spray her venom an excess of 5 feet ahead of her, in a fan-like spray. Her scratches aren't fatal, only excruiatingly painful. Her bites, however, can kill a full grown man in a matter of minutes.

As female hyenas have male genitalia (or, actually, an elongated growth resembling a penis), Sassy is a hermaphrodite, therefore, having both male and female sexual organs.

Fuschia Bash[edit]


Fuschia is a purebred Borzoi with numerous self inflicted scars and stitches covering her body. Fuschia is only 110 lbs, which is skinny for a normal-sized Borzoi skinny for her size. Her fur is long, yet straggly and matted, usually with blood from self-cutting, and black and grey in color (black on top, with a grey underbelly and white toe tips). Underneath her eyes are three teardrop-shaped markings.

Her eyes are red, from constant crying, and always damp. According to Fuschia, no day is ever a good day, and she's constantly striving to commit suicide.

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