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Pawz Calendar is an annual calendar of furry art being organized by Pink Hat Media. Calendar features selected artwork from various furry artists. Artists submit their artwork, furries vote on the art and the top rated art pieces are featured in the calendar. Started in Australia in 2008, the first Pawz calendar was Pawz Calendar 2009.

The 2009 calendar was scheduled to go on sale 2008 December 1,[1] with pre-purchases 20% off until 2008 October 15. [2]

For Pawz Calendar 2010, art submissions were accepted from 2009 September 20 to October 25. Voting started 2009 September 20 and will end 2009 November 1. Calendar can be pre-ordered at a 20% discount starting 2009 September 27 and ending 2009 November 4, with shipping scheduled for 2009 December 1.[3]

Winner # Artist name(s) Art submitted (number and name(s))
1 Statik 1 piece: 1st place for Seph
2 Princess Rei 1 piece: 2nd place for Exotic Tiger Princess
3 Sherwood (Brian Odell) 2 pieces: 3rd place for May I Have this Dance. Also submitted Kalahari Romance.
4 Sky Pyran 1 piece: 4th place for We Can Live Wherever We Land
5 Lycangel 1 piece: 5th place for Catharsis By the Moon
6 Annie Hyena 1 piece: 6th place for The Sun is Rising

Participating artists for Pawz Calendar 2010 include The Anthropomorphologist, Curt Sibling (Squid), Marilyn Cole (Katmomma), Mickeyila, Mira K. Hall (Rumple-chan), Moongara, Morgoth883 (Morgoth Krasker), Schattenwölfin, Steve Dougherty (SD) and Viklix.

Dirty Pawz[edit]

Dirty Pawz is a tasteful yiffy art calendar. Dirty Pawz 2010 will be the first Dirty Pawz calendar and is a trial/test. With Dirty Pawz 2010 there will be 2 to 12 winners, community votes used to gauge response about the art but "The final winners will be at the discretion of the Pawz Calendar owners."[4]

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