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In soviet russia paws like you :3
Author(s) Owners: otf
Status Offline
Launch date September 13, 2007
End date October 30, 2015
Genre Image board
Censor NC17 button.png
Former Logo 2007 - 2009
Former Logo 2009 - 2011, formerly, was an image board based on the 2ch style art community, where users can request and post furry related images. Hosted in Russia, was an English-speaking board.


Created on September 13, 2007 as, the site was updated to Kusaba 1.1.0[clarify] on December 19, 2008. In February of 2010, changed its domain name to[1][2] Once an active community, posting slowed starting around 2013. Spam plagued the site consistently in the last couple of years, with it becoming especially frequent in the month leading up to the site's closure. Mods combated and removed the spam as best as they could, but did not have access to the site's servers.[3] The site admin, Bartimaeus, seemingly became disinterested with the website, leaving mods frustrated with little course of action.[4] A dwindling user base, coupled with growing spam and helpless mods, eventually lead to going offline on October 30th, 2015.[5] It is largely considered shut down.

The site's older (Old Paws Archive) boards, which were linked through stickies at the top of their newer (PawsX) boards equivalents, were not affected by the later spam because they were locked. These older boards had years worth of content stashed on them that was, for all intents and purposes, largely forgotten about as time went on and users diminished. Unfortunately when the site went down, it took all of this content with it. The Wayback Machine only provides partial captures for both newer and older boards; full size images, for the most part, were not saved.

There is a theory that the site was being spammed manually, by people who tried to sabotage threads where users uploaded paysite content, as the site eventually had captcha and security measures that would prevent bots from doing the spamming.[6] Previous issues, relating to spam and other factors, resulted in large wipes of content from boards, such as in 2008[7], 2012 and 2013.[8][9]

Much of the dead site is accessible through the Wayback Machine, though most images only appear as thumbnails (or sometimes not at all). The older (Old Paws Archive) boards can be found here or here, with posts from 2008-2011. The newer (PawsX) boards can be found here, with posts from 2011-2015. The last crawls of various boards for span from April to September 2015.[10]

Refugees from the fallout of the site created their own Pawsru board on 8chan[11] on October 16th, 2015.[12]

On January 8th, 2018 a very kind person converted backups posted on the refugee board to a newer chan software and began hosting feetpaws[13]. Unfortunately, while the backups were originally set up as weekly they broke in December of 2013 and were never fixed. It's also only a backup of the newer pawsX section, the older locked board was not backed up and is lost.


Pawl,'s mascot introduced a new mascot named Pawl for the site in 2009. Character created by by Krezz Karavan.

DNP list[edit] has a DNP (Do Not Post) list as of 2010:


As of 2011 October 9, the site contains 13 boards:

Otf is moderator only in /aws/ and does not read other boards.



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