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Paw Paradise is a message board(s) created by Backlash for the paw fetish community; after the original paw fetish message boards was taken down by its owner.


After Mundy Wuff closed and deleted the paw community message boards, known as Wuffpaws (claiming that he could no longer control the forums), a group of paw lovers were dedicated to bringing back their community.

Backlash, an unlikely candidate, rose to the occasion and began to look for an alternative with the help of his friend. He found Forumer, a site offering free message boards...


While Paw paradise is dedicated to footpaws, there are other non-paw topics that the forum members can talk about, like videos, games, politics, personal problems. The Paw Paradise community, however, prefer to talk about paws more than anything else.


Paw Paradise is unique in that is a core "Second Chance policy" that automatically all members a second chance if they break the rules of the community. All chances after the second require a conference with the moderators and administrators, and the person requestion the additional chance(s) must provide a really good reason as to why they should be granted that chance. This process becomes increasingly harder with each chance.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Backlash - The creator of Paw Paradise and current Head Administrator.

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