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Paw Day is an unofficial furry holiday occurring every May 20 which centers around foot ("paw") fetishism.[citation needed] It was created by the Furaffinity user Herro on May 20th, 2008.[1]


Paw Day is composed of the words Paw (the feet of animals and furries), and Day, which highlights/describes this particular day.

About the holiday[edit]

On Paw Day, any furry artist who is into foot fetishism will say/write "Happy Paw Day!" that day. They will also draw more foot-centric art, offer commissions and YCHs with foot themes, and/or reduce their prices on this type of art.[citation needed] Their artworks will often add to the description "Happy Paw Day!" or "Have a happy Paw Day!", posting the art on or slightly after May 20.[2][3]


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