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PawPets West was a small group of puppeteers in the south San Francisco Bay area, USA.


Created in early 2000 to provide music videos for the Funday Pawpet Show, the original members were TeddyRuxpin, Findra and Rieshal. After a couple of years Rieshal moved to Florida, and Francisco and Aetobatus joined the group. Also appearing from time to time were Dizzy and Yippee. Memorable one-time performers were Poink and Tiresta.

Towards the end of 2003 the staff was decimated by the dot-com bust, and due the general lack of ongoing interest by the Funday Pawpet Show, which had moved away from musical productions, operation was terminated.

For some time TeddyRuxpin did private netcasts of practice sessions to a small group of fans on Friday evenings, but due to a work-related injury those were terminated in January 2007. The production facility in Fremont, California was closed in 2008 when TeddyRuxpin retired from Silicon Valley commercial work and moved to the Sierras.


300 music videos were produced over the course of three years.[1] The videos were made at TeddyRuxpin's studio in Fremont California. Stage performance was taped on Monday evenings, post production editing and digitization performed by TeddyRuxpin during the next few evenings then the files were FTPd to the Funday Pawpet Show facilities in Orlando, Florida on Friday night for showing the following Sunday.


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