Paupers Grave

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Paupers Grave is a comic strip drawn by Atticus Pamer from 16 November 2005 to 18 November 2006. The comic featured two crude stick people named Jim and Mike, and a fennec/human named Freder.

Style of humor[edit]

Much of the comic's early humor was driven by fart jokes and double entendres. For instance, an early joke involved Jim saying something like "Rik is such a douche", to which John would reply "don't talk about poor Rik that way" then a giant douchebag would walk into the frame. In the last of these gags, Jim talks about a man named Don being a dick to which a giant censorship bar walked into the frame with Jim and John being so horrified that they could never do a joke like that again.

Later humor often revolved about Freder being made fun of for being only half-furry, which somehow made him lower than an average person, such as women not wanting to date him. Later jokes also poked fun at the furry fandom itself, such as a strip depicting Jim spending three days trying to fit a "macro furry magazine" into the house.


  • Jim a crude stick fidgure who hung out with freder because nobody else would. Jim has no distinguishing features other than usually standing to the left of Mike.
  • Mike The least talkative of the group. Mike also has no distinguishing features other than usually standing to the right of Jim.
  • Freder A fennec/human who wears an eyepatch and a green jacket. Over the coarse of the comic the story slowly shifts from Jim to Freder.
  • Sarah A girl who meets Freder about half way through the comic and eventually becomes his girlfriend.