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Paula Braydi is a furry artist and hobby photographer living in Manitoba, Canada.

Paula was born and raised in Germany until she moved to Canada with her family in 2004. In September 09, she studied Athletic Therapy at the University of Winnipeg. She later took graphic arts and videography at Red River College. Paula is also a musician (a drummer) looking for a band.


Paula's fursona is a Donkey.[1]

Other characters[edit]


A German Shepherd dog.[2] He is 5' 10" (his ears making him a bit taller), and weighs about 165 lbs because of his slightly muscular build.

Paul's fur color is mostly red, with black ears, black saddle, a black muzzle, and a gold torso. His tail is black on top, red in the middle, and gold on the bottom, resembling the flag of his country of origin.

Paul's eye color is blue and his pads are black. He also has a black tattoo on his right arm, that features a dog's paw print above crossed drum sticks. His only accessory is a half-a-heart necklace, given to him by his mate.

His design is updated and he is now a cow-German Shepherd hybrid.


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