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This article is about the person. A patch is also an addon in Furcadia.

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Patch is an Finnish illustrator / artist / sculptor. Having working for a few years as freelancer, he started a furry webcomic For the Rain in 2004, then relaunched soon after in a new location, the website Weapon of Choice. He is searching for skilled affiliates for his project Gigaris and other comic works.

The person[edit]

Since 1988, Patch has been drawing with one goal in his mind: to be a professional comic artist and author one day. But as variety and diversity is the greatest strength of an artist, so he's been practising multiple forms of art, from woodcarving to oil painting.

for some time his most favored style resemling the visual appearance of marvel comics, that were the initial motivation of his artist career, he swears in name of complex storylines and detailed drawing with a lot of black ink used as moodsetter.

Patch found the furry fandom in 1997 through a small messageboard where Yerf was much discussed. He soon realized that his own love for animals, nature and anthropomorphic characters actually had a definition, and from that moment onwards he's been classifying himself as a furry.

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