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darkdoomer, also known as patachu and kayanamasha, is a freelance graphic artist and furry cartoonist from Dijon, France.


darkdoomer's work logo, nowhere incoming

darkdoomer's art style can be fairly described as anthropomorphic for featuring mostly humanoid creatures evolving in a violent, obscure, tortured or obscene context; contrasting with the actual toon-looking style, and borderline chibi aspect of his characters. It is inspired by Enki Bilal, Mœbius, Takashi Murakami, Yukito Kishiro and Xavier Houssin.

darkdoomer has had a lot of self practice, helped by four years in a Fine Arts school and two years of graphic design. A freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, he is registered under his real identity. Nowhere Incoming remains his main site and portfolio. darkdoomer takes commissions or miscellaneous graphic jobs.

Media licensing[edit]

darkdoomer releases some of his artworks under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike license, and encourages the free redistribution and sharing of art and software through the internet. Commissions and various artworks made under contract are rarely subjected to this license.



Some of darkdoomer's characters include:

  • Miw - darkdoomer's avatar, a cartoony or anime-styled black cat also known as Chainsaw-cat for his usually violent behavior.
  • Patachu - an orange-beige creature known as a mokvwap. His gender is ambiguous but he's usually portrayed as a male. Being the subject of a series of sarcastic or thread-related MS-Paint drawings posted on 4chan and various sites, Patachu became a part of the imageboard culture.
  • Kittie - a white female cat. The character is totally unrelated to the author.


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darkdoomer was banned in June 2010 from Fur Affinity after posting a commission by the former Fur Affinity user Allan's werewolf character, depicted him holding the severed head of site head administrator’s Digimon-based fursona, Dragoneer.[citation needed]

Although the picture didn't mention Dragoneer per se, the artwork was considered to be a death threat by the FA administrators,[citation needed] although at the time Fur Affinity's terms of service allowed similar artwork to be hosted.[clarify][citation needed]

darkdoomer was allowed back to FA, but was again suspended in May 2013, allegedly over a picture depicting what administrators saw as sexual fluids.[1] New uploads started appearing on his account around six months later.


  1. for the info, i'm banned from furaff forever. - darkdoomer entry on Inkbunny. Posted May 10, 2013. Retrieved November 15, 2013.

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