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Cover of Partners.

Partners is a novella by Invisiblewolf. It was published by FurPlanet in July, 2014.[1]

Partners is rated NC-17 for violent scenes and mature scenes.[1]


The synopsis of Partners reads:[1]

Tymber is a principal researcher with the Directorate of Advanced Science and Technology. The grey wolf has a lot going for him. He’s smart. He’s thorough. He’s creative. He’s a geek. And he has a very vivid imagination.

But none of that has prepared him for his latest assignment: dealing with an overly impulsive, occasionally testy, and very private Technology Enforcement Agent named Spiritwolf.

Hijacked from his routine to support a wolf he only just met and a classified mission he knows next to nothing about, things quickly go from odd to strange to bizarre, especially as he attempts to uncover the one secret he’s been expressly told to not investigate: Spiritwolf.

Tymber must find a way to gain the trust of his newfound partner and help him succeed in his mission or everything between them will unravel and lead to failure.

And Tymber might never see Spiritwolf again.



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