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Parz the Dragon

Parsonsda (born October 28,[1] 1993, in Exeter, United Kingdom), also known as Parz, is a fursuiter and full-time 3D artist. His fursona is a dragon with a blue strip surrounding him head to tail[clarify] with a white chest.


Parsonsda creates games, animations, and 3D prints. He creates 3D models in both Blender and 3DS Max.

He actively attends BristolFurs meets every month, to socialize and fursuit.


Parsonsda started in Second Life in 2014. Taught by the artist Gearwolf, he began structure building with houses in 3DS MAX. In 2015, he began to create avatars, scenes and renders outside of Second Life, begining with Five Nights at Freddy's avatars and minor props for an active sim.

In January 2017, he began a large trade with Beauty of the Bass, creating a mainstream model of the fursuiter.

In October 2017, Parsonsda was on the staff of Furcation as the Media Department's 3d modeller, and the event released the first ever animation that Parsonsda had created for a furry event.


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