Panzer the Ice Dragon

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Panzer the Ice Dragon, also known as Panzer Dragon or simply Panzer, (1982 - 2002) was a scaly writer from the United States.

His character was a light blue Western dragon with ice as his elemental power (as mentioned in his full name). Panzer the Ice Dragon's body was peppered with scales of various shades of blue, with the darker ones usually being around joints in his arms and legs and had a cream colored belly.

As a writer Panzer specialized mostly in the realm of fan fiction, commonly borrowing characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and mixing up places and situations to his liking. Panzer had a balanced portfolio of clean and adult works alike, but was mostly known for his adult writings. He was largely active in MSN's chat service in the early years of the 2000's when MSN Chat was a free service to anyone with a Hotmail or Passport account. The majority of his works were also posted to a listing in an MSN Groups community, another service that has been discontinued. By 2008, his work had mostly disappeared from the Internet.

Panzer as a person was a heterosexual zoophile and was specifically attracted to dragons and reptiles.


On December 28, 2002 Panzer took his own life.