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Pandora Pup is an anthropomorphic dog character originally created by furry artist Doug Winger. She has two siblings, Alta Pup and Pup.


Doug originally depicted Pandora as a fun-loving, well-endowed female anthro pup who lived up to the "Winger" reputation: She loves to have fun.

Over time, Doug's depictions of Pandora evolved from a female into a shemale or herm character (depending on the media depiction by the artist), and Pandora is now known more as such than as a female character.


A furry fan role plays the character "Pandora" on the Hermaphrodite Haven on FurryMUCK, and she/hir lives up to the image of the character depicted by the original creator. Any appearance at the Haven by Pandora would be a guarantee that fun activity would take place at the Haven, as Pandora gladly and eagerly displayed her charms for all to enjoy.

The (anonymous) player's behind the FurryMUCK Pandora character has made it known that she/hir is not played by Doug Winger himself. Doug made regular appearances at the haven as Doug or JustDoug.

Doug gave his approval and blessing to the character of Pandora on the Muck, and the two had been known to engage in pleasant conversations with each other until Doug's passing (on FurryMUCK, Doug's VR counterpart was known for strictly engaging in conversations and bad puns).

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