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Pandora Comics was the name of one of the three major online comic syndicates.

Pandora was created in response to the formation of the first two webcomic syndicates, The Nice and Keenspot. Its founder, Oren Otter, had the idea of creating a family of webcomics which held to a high standard of cleanliness, but which also allowed cartoonists to help one another to further their careers in terms of skill, readership, marketing and the sheer enjoyability of the job. As neither of the existing groups fully meet both needs, the third group was created.

Pandora began under the name Ottercomics, and included only three series: The Changing Workplace, Tommy and PJ and The Tongue. As the operation grew, Ottercomics began to include many additional services such as the Webcomics Emporium, The IMG Job boards and The TSI (a college-format forum for artists, writers and scientists). The comics themselves were grouped under the name "Pandora", a name which Oren had originally suggested for the group known then as "Calibre", Precursor to "The Nice".

Pandora included such noteworthy webcomics as Strange Breed, Peter and Company, Catena, Room For One More, Terebinth, Freaks, Mountain Poutine, Rumf Adventures, Quest of the Therian Urn, A Roo'd Awakening, Amanda, Rock in a Hard Place, The Highly Esteemed Goon Show Comic, Magimals, Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse and House of Lost Dreams.


Pandora Comics ceased to exist on September 12, 2005 after Oren shut it down for personal reasons. Shortly thereafter the concept of the Pandora webportal was reorganized into Moonbase comics. Pandora remains the domain for Terebinth, A Roo'd Awakening, Daily Grind, Pudgy's Gang, and Felice's Color-It-Yourself Artwork. It is now also a hub page providing access to Moonbase comics and its sister pages, Ottertunes Radio Network, and the International Morphologists' Guild, or IMG.

Further Update[edit]

Pandora Comics now exists as four semi-separate mutual promotion groups. These are:

Moonbase Comics- a group centered around community and cooperation among the artists

Orbiter Comics- Managed by Ann Vole, Orbiter is a promotion group with a few less frills.

Eclipse Comics- This group is reserved purely for webcomics which are inactive.

Crater Features- Crater is for any and all comics-related features which are not actually comics, such as crosswords, parody horoscopes, wordfinds, brain teasers, cryptograms and mazes.

Phases Websonics- Phases is a mutual promotion group for websonics, serial stories published online and performed purely in an audio format.

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