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Pamperchu (born July 12, 1988), is an YouTuber from Beaverton, Oregon[1] who is also a ABDL and Babyfur. He is known for having an obsession with Pokemon and Diapers. Pamperchu is also known for tinkering with electronics and bitcoin mining.

Pamperchu in his fursuit.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pamperchu started his YouTube channel in February 2008. He has made numerous videos on his involvement with the furry fandom including the creation of his fursuit as well as anything else furry related. Despite being best known for his involvement in the fandom, however, Pamperchu is primarily into electronics with some emphasis on his love for diapers. He is also friends with other members of the fandom including Mousepaws and Evil Sibe.


Pamperchu owns a fursuit which he made himself. It is a blue wolf by the name of Sandy Wolf. Pamperchu has worn it on occasion including several conventions starting with Rainfurrest 2009.[2] Despite creating the fursuit, Pamperchu doesn't represent himself as Sandy Wolf in the fandom. Instead, he is represented by his pokesona who happens to be a pikachu.


Pamperchu is possibly best known for being featured on G4's Attack of the Show.. In the scene shown, he was wearing a bunny suit that he owns. He later stated that it was him in the scene. [3] Besides that, he is also infamously known for taking used diapers from trash cans. [4] He also microwaves these diapers as well. [5] Pamperchu also has a habit of eating expired food.[6] Other furries at conventions Pamperchu has attended were said to have been creeped out by his appearance.


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