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PafCon (the Plushies and Furries Convention) was a fictional furry convention located in Las Vegas, Nevada, held in 2003 and featured in the CBS program CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode Fur and Loathing. The name itself is a reference to MTV's Sex2K episode, Plushies and Furries.

Although PafCon was not a real 4 day fur convention, some in the fandom have created fake PafCon convention shirts, which can be spotted at actual furry conventions. Supposedly two versions of these shirts are in existence. The t-shirt drawn by Jimmy Chin and produced by Chairo, jokingly pretending to be from the event, which reads in the back: "I thought it was a coyote!" (a line from the show).

An actual 2011 con was supposedly scheduled to be held in Las Vegas with the PafCon name, but lack of updates suggests that the convention was a hoax.[citation needed]

PafCon 2003 Schedule[edit]

PafCon schedule.jpg
PafCon moments

As transcribed by KinkyTurtle and Chip Unicorn:

9:00 a.m. breakfast & orientation
10:30 a.m. lecture #1
            - DOE EYES: INNOVATIVE
              FOR LOVE
11:45 a.m. furry raffle (main lobby)
12:00 p.m. lecture #2
            - FUR-EVER YOUNG
1:00 p.m. banquet lunch (banquet hall)
3:30 p.m. lecture #3
            - CLAWS AND EFFECT: A LOOK
              FUR IN THE WORKPLACE
4:45 p.m. vineyards & vendors
7:30 p.m. banquet dinner (banquet hall)
9:30 p.m. pile-on-party (main lounge)

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Did you know? According to Bob Pitt's calendar, PafCon took place from 29 October - 1 November 2003. The same calendar noted a television program ("Marsupial Madness") on 17 October (at 8PM on channel 26), as well as mention of a virus scan and the dreaded TPS forms.

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