Padfoot (artist)

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Padfoot's fursona. Artwork by Ena.

Padfoot, also known as Pad, Blackshuck, Padfoot-Blackshuck, or Padshuck, (born 1983) has been a part of the therianthrope community since around 2003. Zie joined the furry fandom in 2005, through a love of fursuiting, which was heavily influenced by hir former friends Korrok and Ravell. In 2006, Padfoot decided that zie no longer considered themselves to be a furry.

Padfoot, the therianthrope[edit]

As of July 2008, Padfoot no longer considers themselves a therianthrope. Zie is still active in the community, but under a new username.

Padfoot, the furry[edit]

Primarily, Padfoot is an anthropomorphic maned wolf, who can be drawn as a male or female. He/she has no specific markings, although the creator generally prefer him/her to have 3/4 of his tail tip white, as an attempt to differentiate the maned wolf from the red fox. This fursona is based on hir maned wolf theriotype. A partial fursuit of Padfoot, made by Korrok and Ravell, has put in appearances in Glasgow.

As of August 2006, Padfoot decided that zie no longer relates to the furry fandom.

Padfoot, in real life[edit]

Zie is an artist, and works mostly on sculpture and illustration. Animals are the main subject of hir work. Hir work can be found at

Padfoot considers hirself to be androgynous. Hir gender is neither male or female, but somewhere between the two.

Zie works a lot in the fields of animal totemism and conservation, and enjoys lepidoptery.